Thriving startup scene, with a deep customer market for cyber technology innovation, it also has an engaging corporate and Federal cyber executives.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Building

Three important characteristics about St. Louis stand out and define it as a nurturing environment for Cyber startups. One is that St. Louis is home to the largest financial services hub outside of New York, and these firms know they’re a target for cyber criminals, making them hungry for innovation. This is SixThirty’s domain and springboard.  St. Louis is the 3rd most concentrated market for investment advisors, behind New York City and Boston. There is more than $2.8 trillion in assets under management or in custody with just four of St. Louis-headquartered investment companies.   It’s also MasterCard’s processing and tech HQ.

Second is the willingness of its corporate community and Federal Sector leadership to engage with us, and our vetting process, to curate the nation’s best Cyber startups and established business development process.  Through our collaboration with the Security Advisor’s Alliance, our reach extends well beyond financial services, and into manufacturing, defense/aerospace and professional services sectors.

The St. Louis region is also home to the National Geospatial Intelligence’s western HQ (NGA West) – which just announced (2016) nearly $2 billion cyber investment in the region – and to Scott AFB which has just become host to the 835th Cyberspace Operations Squadron and the 837th Cyberspace Squadron, under the 688th Cyberspace Operations Group. Scott AFB was already home to U.S. Transportation Command, which directs all logistics for the US Military.

Lastly, St. Louis has become hub for emerging startups to find talent, raise capital and grow.  Startup leaders constantly express that the feel like “someone’s got their back.”

St. Louis as a Startup Hub

St. Louis is a community of leaders, dreamers, and achievers paving the way with aggressive investments in innovation. Funding entities like SixThirty, Arch Grants, and Cultivation Capital provide the needed capital to seed companies in and outside of the financial services industry. Through top-ranked educational institutions like Washington University and the Missouri University of Science and Technology and organizations like LaunchCode, St. Louis is taking great strides in growing its pool of available technical talent. Large community events like Startup Weekend, GlobalHack, and Startup Connection provide founders, creatives, and service providers, with meaningful connection points to meet, interact, and build.

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