Mentor MeetingSixThirty CYBER is launched from the success of SixThirty, and CYBER continues that business development focus. That said, we also maintain a healthy balance of helpful programming and networking opportunities. SixThirty CYBER invests in cyber security-based technology companies with working products, so mentoring is based around the typical issues for companies at this stage: sales, marketing, hiring, and fundraising. Our intention isn’t to have you “in-class” 9am to 5pm, 24/7, we want you to be out talking with customers, partners, and generating business. We aim to be flexible with our program and respond to the individual needs of each of our portfolio companies.

What does a typical week look like during the program?

Our cohort will meet most weeks in St. Louis, and strategically as a group in D.C. We only have formal programming two days per week (usually on Mondays and Tuesdays). This allows the companies in our cohort to focus on the things they need to focus on. During our regular weekly meetings, companies report out their accomplishments from the previous week and their action plans for the following one. The companies also identify areas in which they need help, or people or organizations they need introductions to. Afterwards, the companies meet individually with their lead mentors for a deeper dive into their activities and issues that week. This provides additional visibility into each startup and allows our mentor and operational team to better connect the companies to resources. On occasion, we will schedule happy hours, breakfasts, and other networking opportunities with our network of mentors or CISO leadership, or a casual get-together with the other members of the cohort.

What else do you get through the program?

Joining our portfolio comes with a plethora of perks, including, but not limited to, pro-bono and discounted legal and accounting services, Amazon Web Services credits, and co-working office space in the T-REX tech startup incubator.

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