Quality mentorship lies at the center of all successful accelerator programs. Effective mentors force founders to ask themselves tough questions and offer different perspectives to challenge assumptions. Mentors keep founding teams honest and accountable for the decisions and commitments they make for their companies. We find that founders learn best from other successful entrepreneurs, and so we place a high value on recruiting mentors with startup experience – individuals who have built, scaled and sold companies.

At SixThirty CYBER, we engage mentors in two different capacities: lead mentors and subject-matter experts.

Lead Mentors
Each company in a cohort is assigned a lead mentor over the course of the program. The lead mentor meets with the founding team on a weekly basis, keeps them on track, and reports back to the other lead mentors for advice on direction and strategy.

Subject-Matter Experts
In addition to our capable team of lead mentors, SixThirty CYBER companies can also rely on the expertise and insight of our extensive list of subject-matter mentors, experts in a variety of fields including, but not limited to: sales, fundraising and customer acquisition.

Mentor Directory

  • Sean Asbury

  • Robert Block

  • Russell Bruemmer

  • Jason Bush

    Magellan Health
  • Jason Carter

    Aegis Strategies
  • David England

    Laird Technology
  • Joe Greene

    American Chemical Society
  • Ronald Green

  • Gary Harbison

  • Kevin Hardcastle

  • Steve Hassell

    Oriented Industries
  • Jason Hayek

    State Farm
  • Jeffrey Kenney

    Ernst & Young
  • Vlad Klasnja

  • Dustin Loeffler

    Maryville University
  • Joshua McAfee

    McAffee Institute
  • Richard Noonan

    Enterprise Holdings
  • Bob Putnam

    Formerly Suddenlink
  • Tom Roewe

  • Dave Rogers

  • Erick Rudiak

    Express Scripts
  • Chris Sawall

  • Stuart Solomon

  • Gregory Sullivan

    Serial Entrepreneur
  • Steve Thomas

    Covenant Technology Partners
  • Chenxi Wang

    Jane Bond Project
  • Richard Watson

    Enterprise Bank
  • Chris Weindel

    Isle of Capri